From our colleagues at the E3 Alliance:

Please join us as we bring together professionals and practitioners working on the intersection of education and workforce readiness in Central Texas. Guest speakers and panelists will come from growing industry sectors in the region, career and technical education programs, workforce talent pipeline supports, and technology and innovation services. Our diverse group of speakers will help us to frame the requisite strategies in preparing all students for careers that earn a living wage, right here in Central Texas.

Issue We Face

By 2021, the Austin metro area is projected to boast more than 60,000 job openings that require more than a high school diploma but less than a bachelor’s degree. Two-thirds of the jobs that provide a living wage will require some type of post-secondary degree or certificate. At the same time, the pathways to credentials and/or a career are becoming increasingly diverse. As a community, how can we support our students as they leave high school and enter college or the workforce, in a way that leads to economic prosperity for students and the region?

What to Expect

  • Latest research on college and career entry
  • New strategies to align students’ educational trajectories with regional workforce demand
  • How data and research can support that work

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